Our Story

Last Minet is a high-energy alternative pop punk band from New Jersey. Creating and performing 100% original music every chance they get, they have been delivering their own brand of power-infused pop punk since 2006. What was originally a raw, down-and-drity all-female band has grown and evolved into the current lineup, which features founding member Zuri Fadul on vocals and guitar joined by Jovanna Cedeno on drums.

 Citing their primary influences as being each other, they enjoy feeding off of each other’s sounds and ideas, but the underlying message remains the same: live, breathe, eat, play music. It’s the catharsis, the way they are able to lose themselves in the sound, and the connection they feel with each other as well as their audience.

Their high-spirited head-banging, rabble-rousing performances have dominated countless stages across the tri-state area, and surrounding states. The band has been offered a slot on Van’s Warped tour two years running, in 2011 and 2012. Last Minet has also had a performance on BET's Music Matters, on the legendary stage at The Stone Pony, the original Knitting Factory,  AC BEER AND MUSIC FEST, and hundreds more.

The band became a trio when they met bassist, Lola Vieira-Sullivan in December of 2022.  With an instant connection, she became an official member and went on to advance in the Break Contest with the band less than a month later.   In February 2023, Last Minet connected with California native, Melanie Campbell who peaked their interest immediately.   After weeks of practicing and connecting, the line up was made official, and Last Minet now continues forward as a four piece.  

Their debut album Live For Love has been independently released November 11th, 2015.   Their EP "Here To Stay"  was  released on November 19th, 2021 and will be followed by the second full length and self titled album "LAST MINET" on March 23, 2023.   Last Minet has released three singles of their album so far:  "Monster", "Wasn't Enough", and "Dreamin'" Their last single of the series, "Chance at Love"  will be out March 17th, 2023

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